Sunday, May 17, 2020

Grow Bag Food Production

Here's an interesting solution to your garden expansion this season: GROW BAGS!!

Never thought of growing in bags before?  Neither did we, but now that we took the plunge, we can't get enough of these cute black fabric pots!

Easy grow bag pot containers:

We're not professional gardeners but we like planting various things such as vegetables, flowers, and herbs each year.  We have two main raised beds that we grow in.  However, we knew the summer of 2020 was going to be a little different.

I had a vision of growing in an area of the yard that I had not previously used.  I searched online and read some reviews and decided on these black fabric grow bags.

I was excited because I did not want to till this particular area of my yard.

I wanted something that looked good but was not as showy as those brightly colored 5-gallon buckets from the home improvement stores.

When you first order the bags they arrive packaged like this.

There were five inside this clear plastic package. Sorry I didn't get a photo of them actually in the package.  I was so excited when they arrived I just tore open the bag and started throwing dirt in them.

The size that I chose was the 7-gallon size.

It's important to remember that the bags will not stand up unless you fill them partway with your favorite potting soil. The addition of soil will give them some stability to stand up.

Tip. If you know where you want your new garden ahead of time, begin to fill them where you want them.  7 gallons of soil can get heavy.

Once filled, find some new residents for the bags and you're off and running.

For mine I chose three tomato plants that I already had growing.  This variety will be a yellow plum.

Also, I had several Heirloom Seminole Pumpkins that needed homes. This is a new seed that we are excited to be trying this year. We will let you know how they go for us.  They are supposed to be specifically adapted to grow well in high heat and humid climates.

These pots would be terrific for someone who is patio or balcony gardening.

They are not obtrusive looking and blend well with most decor.  Those of you who live with HOA rules will appreciate that aspect.

Other interesting facts about grow bags from the Manufacturer:

  • The dimensions of the bags are: 13" Diameter and 12" High.
  • The fabric the pots are made of may help keep the plant warmer in winter or cooler in the summer.
  • The pots are expected to last between 7-8 seasons but could be longer if well cared for.
  • This brand's fabric allows for good aeration.  Water seeps out well but not excessively.
  • You could add a saucer below the pot if water seepage is a concern for you.
  • If there is a possibility that you are selling your house in the future, these pots just travel with you. 
  • If you do not initially like the location of where you installed your pot, you could move them.

Final Thoughts: 

The overall look to the pots is very clean and seamless.  Plants look much better growing in these versus ordinary 5-gallon buckets and I'm very satisfied with how tidy the yard looks now.

They appear to hold up to heavy rain and drain well.

They're sturdy, don't knock over or fall apart. As for how well these hold up over the long term we'll get through the summer growing season and we should get a better idea of how they might hold up as the growing seasons progress.

Some reviewers have complained the side handles do not hold up well.  I have only had to move the pots a couple times because as I said earlier seven gallons of soil and plants can get heavy.  So I can see how pulling on fabric handles may not be the best idea.

However, I understand if grow bags aren't your thing.

If that is the case, I have just the thing for you.  Try a cost-effective and easy to build raised garden bed.

Additionally, it will be interesting to see how easy, or not, the weeding and mowing around the pots will be.  I don't suspect I'll be able to just take a string trimmer around these bags without doing damage to them.

Don't forget to stop by again for updates to this great project!  May it inspire you to purchase some grow bags and begin gardening.  You can do it!

Until then!

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