Monday, October 24, 2016

DIY Vertical Wine Rack

A few projects ago I built a DIY Beer and Wine Rack.  On one side I supplied a place for two bottles of wine and four glasses.

On the other side I gave space for a couple tall beer glasses and a couple bottles of beer.  The intent for the beer bottles was just for decoration.

That is why I choose a couple vintage looking bottles to showcase on mine.

However, sometimes wine can be just a decor piece.  Whatever, your intent for storing fine wine here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Avoid direct sunlight when storing wine.

2. If you have a "true" corked bottle, store it on it's side.  This keeps the cork from drying out and shrinking, allowing air in the bottle. 

3. Don't store wine next to onions.  Actually anything with a strong smell can penetrate the cork over time.

4. Not all wines age well.  The cheep store bought wines usually do not improve over time.  In fact most white wines should be consumed within a few years, (some exceptions of course).  Whether wine improves over time has to do with the balance of its sugar, tannin and acid content.

DIY Vertical Wine Rack


1 -1x4 @ 37"

Choice of Stain


Wood Glue 

Cork Screw and Bottle Opener

Cut List

2 - Pieces @ 3.5" x 18"

NOTE: If using furring strips then they may only be 3-3/8" wide instead of 3.5" like a normal 1x4.  This should not affect the outcome of the project.

Step 1

Cut 2 identical length pieces to size as listed above or to your preferred length.

Choose one piece and route a 3/4" wide by 1/4" deep dado down the face of one side.

Step 2

Take the other piece and drill five 1-1/4" holes centered and equally spaced.

Step 3

Glue and clamp the piece with the holes into the dado routed in the other.

Final Thoughts

After the project is dry, usually 30 mins to an hour for typical wood glues.  Sand the piece and be sure to take off the harsh edges and corners to make it easier on the feel.

The use of a key hole bit makes mounting the piece to a wall simple and easy.  I would route two.  One near the top and one closer to the bottom.

After your choice of stain and a few coats of satin polyurethane, you will have an extremely affordable and sleek place to store a few wine bottles.