Wednesday, November 16, 2016

DIY Concrete Candle Holder

30 Days of DIY Projects 2 Make Us Thankful

Project 16

This is the sixteenth post of our series of projects to make us thankful for DIY.  Be sure to check back everyday during the month of November for new simple and easy DIY projects.

It's our way of saying Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at
Simply Easy DIY!

We have several candle holders that are almost all what you would call "formal"  Plus they are third generation heirlooms that aren't going anywhere.

It seems a shame to keep them hidden in a hutch as they are now.  Being a historical buff that I am, I've been thinking about ways to display some of the wonderful history we have right here in our own house.

I'm sharing a photo here of one of ours. It's called a chamber style candle holder.

Despite my desire to display and even use these candle holders, we have a problem...

actually we have 4 problems.  They are called children.

It just screams, " Pick me up!" to any toddler. Even the older kids like playing old time games with it. One of the games I recently observed was their rendition of "A Christmas Carol".

Ebeneezer Scrooge much?

Plus even though I like these style candle holders my wife would like something a little more contemporary.

We also have these tea light candles that seem to be very common and they're very cheaply priced.

So I need an idea for a sleek contemporary yet classic looking candle holder that is both safe and sturdy with little ones running around.


DIY Concrete Candle Holder:


Tools & Materials

Choice of Stain

Wood Glue 

Pin Nailer

scrap wood to make a mold

1x2 pine 

Table saw

Band saw

Quickrete Concrete mix

Wet Look Concrete Lacquer
(Rust-oleum - found in home improvement stores)

Various grit Sandpaper

Hot glue gun

Tea Light Candles

Cabinet Bumpers


Final Thoughts

This project would be great for someone who likes contemporary styled projects. While I think it works best in a bath setting, you could bring it into a living room but I'd still watch out for the kids.

Part concrete and part wood projects are really in style right now. If you look in stores, you'll find similar looking style candle holders can run some cash.  Why do that when we have DIY to be thankful for.

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Until then!