Monday, December 5, 2016

DIY Decorative Wall Shelf

Go ahead.  Do it.

Go to the store and scope out the price of quality good looking shelving.

Go on.  I'll wait.

Expensive isn't it!

Let's make our own shelf to hang on a wall for cheap.

This project not only makes a great gift for the holiday season, birthdays or an occasion but it can be done on a tight budget.

In fact if you have some pallets lying around you can build it for next to nothing.

That's what I'm talking about.

DIY Decorative Wall Shelf


2 - 1x4s

NOTE: All board lengths are 8' long and 3/4" thick unless otherwise noted.

Choice of Stain

Cut List

4 Vertical Back Pieces @ 3.5" x 12"

4 Vertical Back Pieces @ 3.50" x 17"

1 Shelf Piece @ 3.50" x 24.5"

Cutting Diagrams


Step 1

Take your 1x4s over to the miter saw and cut each board to the measurements listed above.

Now you can randomly edge glue the boards together.  Just be sure to shift the boards a few inches off from each other.

Once the piece is dry take it out of the clamps and route a 3/4" dado down the width of the projects back piece.

Step 2

Apply some glue to the dado then set and clamp the shelf in place until dried.

Final Thoughts

Sand the project down beginning at 120 grit and progress to 220.  I usually don't go any higher than 220 but you can if you want.

If you are using pine wood or some other species that tends to be blotchy when accepting stain you may want to precondition the project before apply your choice of stain.

Then a few coats of a project sealer will finish it off, simple and easy style.

To mount your new candle shelf I recommend a key hole bit in the router table.  A couple slots in the back and it can be mounted and dismounted without a lot of fuss.

I hope you enjoyed our 5th Day of 12 DIY Christmas Gift ideas.

Don't forget to stop by again tomorrow for another great project to help you with your gift giving dilemma's.

Until then!