Wednesday, September 14, 2016

DIY Automatic Pig Waterer

Here at Simply Easy DIY we specialized in all sorts of "Do It Yourself" projects.

I'm always looking for ways to save money and make my life a little easier as well.

I've built a no waste chicken feeder, a rabbit feeder, a couple of chicken coops and a pair of rabbit hutches.

One thing I have yet to tackle is an automatic pig waterer.  The main reason being that I don't have pigs on our homestead...yet!

Yep the Sullivan homestead is a tad too small to be raising hogs at this point.

However, Al Lumnah from "Lumnah Acres" has put together a project to water all your pigs both great and small.  The best thing is that it's both simple and easy.

Right up my alley!

DIY Automatic Pig Waterer


55 Gallon food grade drum.

1 Pig drinking watering nipple


1/2" Pipe thread

A Few Notes:

In the video Al speaks of a pipe thread.  You can use a 1/2" tap from a tap and die set if you have one on hand.

If not, any 1/2" male fitting would do.

I have done a similar project with rain barrels and I did not heat the fitting before tapping the hole and it still worked out just fine.  No leaks.

I also did not use silicon but instead used plumbers tape which every homeowner or homesteader should have on hand and it too worked just fine for keeping leaks at bay.

Obviously you will want to figure some sort of sturdy base for your new pig waterer.

Perhaps that will be a future post.

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Until then.

Happy DIY'ing.