Monday, November 7, 2016

DIY Wooden Guitar Hanger

30 Days of DIY Projects 2 Make Us Thankful

Project 7

This is the seventh post of our series of projects to make us thankful for DIY.  Be sure to check back everyday during the month of November for new simple and easy DIY projects.

It's our way of saying Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at
Simply Easy DIY!

Instruments can cost some money.  I'm not talking "check your couch cushions" kind of money.  I'm talking "monthly payment" kind of money.

So it pays to come up with a storage and display system that will keep them in good order and show off what can be a source of pride.

No one wants to see them propped up somewhere only to be accidentally knocked over or stepped on.

Today's project is a nice simple and easy way to hang a few guitars.

Then, when you want strum a few strings, it's easy to grab and go.

This can be adapted to store other types of instruments as well but this video is all about guitars.

Tom from the YouTube channel "Tom Chiiron" has the right idea.

In his house he has drywall that he's dealing with and he doesn't want to run the risk of drywall anchors that might loosen over time and suddenly drop one of his guitars.

Therefore his preferred method of mounting his guitars is to anchor his system right to studs.

I agree with his assessment.  Drywall anchors are great for items that will be mounted and never moved.  However, taking things down and putting them back up can cause drywall fatigue.

So I agree he's on the right track. Span several studs with one piece and then attach the prefabricated hangers to it.  Nice!

Check it out!

DIY Wooden Guitar Hanger

Tools & Materials Needed


Hand Saw

Brown Stain


Guitar holders

Board length of your choice

Final Thoughts

The weathering Tom added to the boards complemented the rustic look.  The black hooks blend seamlessly in order to highlight the guitar collection.

This build could be modified to display a rifle collection or an number of other possibilities.

I hope you enjoyed today's featured project and don't forget to stop by "Tom Chiiron" YouTube channel to check out even more great videos from him.  Don't forget to subscribe.

We hope you will return to Simply Easy DIY everyday through the month of November for more projects that make us thankful 4 DIY.

Until then!