Thursday, November 30, 2017

DIY WindShield Repair - Cracked or Chipped

My wife was driving to work one morning and BAM!


Saturday, November 25, 2017

How To Install Dee Zee TailGate Assist on Ford F150

When I was a kid in the 80's trucks were still a utilitarian creations.  Trucks were for those who had a use for them.  Towing, hauling and maybe a little fun off roading.

The late 80's into the early 90's gave rise to a more refined truck experience.  Suspensions became softer.  Interiors moved from harsh cold bare steel environments to clothe and soft touch plastics.

Fast forward to today and half ton pick ups are more versatile and luxurious than many common economy cars being sold today.  Manufacturers are working to make them safer, stronger and more capable than ever before.

On top of all that, due to more restrictive regulations, companies are doing all this while trying to get them to go further on a tank of gas than ever before as well.

More power, better fuel economy.  That's the tech of the future.

However, if you want the latest features in your brand new pick up truck then you'll most likely be asked to pay a premium for them as well.

Today many trucks can exceed $40,000 in the lower trims after adding a few basic options.  To get the top of the line trims, in many models, will push that price tag north of $70,000.

So when I was shopping for a new truck in the fall of 2017 I imployed as many tricks as I could to get the most truck with options for the least amount of money.

Ford offers a factory option that allows you to operate the tailgate remotely from the key fob.  You can raise and lower it with the push of a button.  However, to get that option you have to go up a trim level or two at the cost of several thousand dollars.

Being a frugally minded individual I'm sure I can take care of this feature for a lot less than that.

Dee Zee TailGate Assist Install - Ford F150


10mm Socket

T50 Torx bit (supplied in kit)

Microfiber Towel

Your Choice of Car Wash Soap and Water

Final Thoughts

It only took me about 20 mins to install my tail gate assist unit.  Most of that was looking for a misplaced 10mm socket and trying to get into a frustrating plastic package without cutting an artery in the process.

Seriously I hate plastic packages like the one this came in.  If you would like to hear my complete thoughts and review of this product you can check out my product review video here.

Until then!