Friday, November 18, 2016

DIY Rustic Farmhouse Coat Rack with Shelf

30 Days of DIY Projects 2 Make Us Thankful

Project 18

This is the eighteenth post of our series of projects to make us thankful for DIY.  Be sure to check back everyday during the month of November for new simple and easy DIY projects.

It's our way of saying Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at
Simply Easy DIY!

Some families have a need to store things in the main entrance way into their home or kitchen. The same goes for our family.

We needed a place to hang coats and handbags. Mainly handbags in order to keep little hands from going through them.

Our system that we use is this shaker peg rack:

I built these a few years back and they have worked out well.

You won't see coats on these since we don't use those in our climate. We do however, find we can hang umbrellas and bags in place of coats.

They are functional and attractive. 

However, they'd be even more functional if we expanded them to utilize more upward space. For example, this storage unit built by Stephan over at "Bear Woodwork" offers additional cubby space with a shelf.

Before this he had another much simpler system set up in this space but it wasn't working for his family.

So he went larger...

Palletwood coat rack:

Tools & Materials

Choice of Stain
(he used Satin Walnut)


Wood Glue 

Table Saw

Pallet Wood or other scrap

Various size clamps including frame clamp

Random Orbit Sander

Various grit Sandpaper

Hand Planer (optional)


Choice of coat hooks

Chalkboard paint


Router table

Final Thoughts

 Stephen did such a good job it's hard to tell it came from pallet wood:

The blackboard is high enough that mom and dad can write on it, but little hands can't erase.

Interestingly enough, he didn't have a table saw to use for this build so you'll see him using his band saw.

Either one would work.

Plus he used a hand plane to clean up the pallet wood.  Personally I happen to have a thickness planer at my disposal and if you have one, that may be the easiest way to go.

The back board was attached with dowels to add stability.

I hope you enjoyed today's featured project and don't forget to stop by "BearWoodWork" YouTube channel to check out even more great woodworking videos from him. Don't forget to subscribe.

We hope you will return to Simply Easy DIY everyday through the month of November for more projects that make us thankful 4 DIY.

Until then!