Friday, November 11, 2016

DIY Garden Hose Storage

30 Days of DIY Projects 2 Make Us Thankful

Project 11

This is the eleventh post of our series of projects to make us thankful for DIY.  Be sure to check back everyday during the month of November for new simple and easy DIY projects.

It's our way of saying Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at
Simply Easy DIY!

We have a 100 foot garden hose on one side of the house.  It's lasted two years and is still going strong although a little kinked.

We always pull it out, around and across the yard, but never put it back.

One time I was walking around the yard to take some table scraps to the chickens and because the grass was a little high, I didn't see it laying there.

Yup, I tripped over it and said a cuss word or two as I picked myself off the ground.

Fortunately, the table scraps landed on me....cause you know how chickens hate their food laying on the ground (cough, cough).

All was well except my ego!

Garden Hose Hanger from Scrap Wood

TOOLS & Materials

Garden Hose

Choice of Deck Stain


Wood Glue 



Random Orbit Sander

Scrap pine or other wood choice 

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed today's featured project and don't forget to stop by "How to Fix It Workshop" YouTube channel to check out even more great woodworking videos from them. Don't forget to subscribe!

We hope you will return to Simply Easy DIY everyday through the month of November for more projects that make us thankful 4 DIY.

Until then!