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Q:  May I feature one of your posts or plans on my own website?

A: You may talk about the post and/or design plans but you may not reproduce the post and/or design plans as your own.  Duh right!

When discussing any post or design plan from please do the following:

1. Please keep the use of photos from the project to two or less. 

2. Please use your own short description when talking about the project and do not plagiarize.  The exception to that would be if you were quoting me.  In that case please give all appropriate credit for the quote. 

3.  Please provide a clearly visible link back to the original post on for the full plans.  This falls under the plagiarism category.  

Here is a good example of how to share a post or design plan from

4. You may NOT sell plans or other information from

5.  You agree that you will not hold Stan Sullivan, or any affiliates liable for any loss, damages or injury resulting from information provided on

Don't you just love legaleeze.


  1. Do you have a go to plan for a mitre saw table?

  2. Yes, I was looking for that too. The folding one.

  3. I'm looking for the miter saw plan also please.

  4. Hi Stan, love you videos and ideas. I am starting out with DIY projects but would ultimately like to make furniture, fix our kitchen cupboards etc. So far I have been using my dad's circular saw but I reckon its time to get my own machines. Where do you think I should start? Mitre saw or table saw?

  5. does anyone know where the material list is for this stand ?


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