Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Grow a Mobile Garden in Small Bags

Gardening is in full swing here at Simply Easy DIY.  

We're having such great success that we just had to share. Check out my new tiny planters!

Small Grow Bags:

I liked my 7 gallon grow bags so much that I immediately went back to order more.  I ordered them from Amazon. But, when I went back to the listing, they were sold out. I searched around for something else I liked.

I spotted the one-gallon size bags and bought them instead. I love them.

I thought they'd fit a few of my herbs that needed re-potting. I also have a few strawberry plants that were running off their parent plants.

Here's what the bags will look like in their packaging.  The package contains 5 black fabric grow bags.

I bought some good quality potting soil at the store and then got out my supplies.

Just add soil.

If you figure out that the original location isn't working for your plant  just pick up and move it. The gallon size pots aren't heavy.

When you move you can take them with you.
They are washable and storable if you want to put away and use them next season.
They fold well and don't take up much space.
The root system seems to flourish better with this fabric as compared to plastic.

Final Thoughts

These were from a different manufacturer but the fabric of these grow bags appeared to be pretty much identical as my 7 gallon bags. They also had the great sturdy handles although I don't think they're needed on the one gallon size.

These bags also drain just as efficiently as the 7 gallon size. If you are interested to see my post about my 7 gallon bags click here!

If something more permanent is what you're looking for, check out my cedar planter!

Until then!

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