Tuesday, August 15, 2017

DIY Egg Storage - Fresh Fom the Farm

Today we're discussing the topic of egg storage.

What do you do in your home? How do you store your purchased eggs or ones provided from your own laying flock?

Do you store them at room temperature or place them in a refrigerator?

You see, there's a fair amount of opinions out there on how to properly store eggs after they have been laid by a hen. The question is this:

Should eggs be kept in a refrigerator or not?

There are differing opinions on egg safety , and there's a lot of information available on the internet as to the pro's and con's of  what the proper method is to store them and I urge you to check into what is best for you and your family.

In the meantime I'd like to share with you what we do with our eggs.

We have backyard chickens and we have lots of fresh eggs arriving daily. Oftentimes they are gathered and sit awaiting further attention such as a quick wash or clean.

Here's a sample of a day or so of laying. We've got both white and brown egg layers in our flock. They've just been gathered by our little helpers and are on their way inside.

Once inside, we keep them in this basket on our counter top.

They'll get inspected and washed by mom and dad. Sometimes even get used right away! You know what they say - farm fresh!

Later, they'll go into a regular egg carton which is kept in our refrigerator.

Not interested in using a basket or carton for your egg storage?  Here is another storage solution to put your eggs on display. Colored Easter eggs in this cabinet look especially inviting.

DIY Egg Storage:

Final Thoughts

Our inspiration piece today was shared by Robs Woodshop. Check out Rob's YouTube channel and while there don't forget to like and subscribe.

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Until then!

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  1. The best eggs are quail eggs, they have the most nutrition for the volume. I had quails and they are easy to raise, and provide great meat. I also had chicken and free roam are the best eggs. I would like to raise more quail, but do to my age, it's just too much.


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