Saturday, January 14, 2017

DIY Simple Wooden Toy Boat

In our home we have several well constructed wooden toys. A favorite is this Melissa and Doug brand car carrier truck. It was given to our son as a gift several years ago and is still played with often.

It has four cars and at the time this photo was taken, only the red and green ones were accounted for. (By the way, usually there are four colorful cars that ride on this trailer lift!)

Also pictured in the background are wooden peg puzzles. They as well have years on them but are still played with frequently and even after four children all of the pieces are still accounted for.

Both puzzles and wooden toys are a must in every family with children. Putting together puzzles ignites math and other problem solving skills in young explorers and free play with wooden toys such as the car carrier that moves up and down encourages motor skills and imagination.

Not to mention that the toys are durable and outlast many plastic toys that are so often thrown away within months of buying them.

However, wooden toys when purchased in a store can run some money.

So when Joe from Joe's Basementwoodworking YouTube channel featured this toy boat project, I knew it was a home run project.  Not just because it was simple, but because it was also easy on the wallet.

DIY Simple Wooden Toy Boat:


Choice of Stain

Miter Saw

Scrap wood

Table saw

Thickness Planer (optional)

Bandsaw (optional)

Final Thoughts

An added bonus is that you can customize your boat based on what you've got available in your scrap bin. If you wanted to go the dowel route, you could further customize this project to break into pieces so your child could take it apart and put it back together again.

Don't forget to check out Joe Basementwoodworking YouTube channel to check out even more great project ideas from Joe. Don't forget to subscribe!

Until then!


  1. The boat was part of a christmas challenge/give away me an another youtuber did this year.the challenge was making one toy/video a day for 5 days THE WEEK B4 CHRISTMAS. LOL..that was definitely a! ,theres also a helicopter,tac toe game,a rocking horse and a tow truck pencil holder i tried to mimic "mater" from the movie all the toys were donated to a charity or given to a child.that was the best part!:) Thanks for the support on this bro means alot!🍻

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