Tuesday, December 13, 2016

DIY TV Stand

Are you the type of person who wall mounts their TV or puts it on a TV stand?

We've had our TV displayed both ways. Right now our TV sits on an actual piece of furniture, a TV stand. It's serving us well.

The set up is great because we rely on our TV stand for a storage area. It can hold a DVD player, a game console, and lots of DVD's. Some of our school curriculum even resides there.

Like I said earlier we did have a time where we had the TV wall mounted. We still had our TV stand right below it. Why, you ask?

Visually, having it this way ensured the room appeared balanced and organized. Our home's living room was a long rectangular room which was broken up on one wall by an awkwardly placed door.

This meant placement of the couch had to be in one particular spot only. The small section of the wall left by that awkwardly placed door is where the TV had to be placed.

We don't have that issue in our current home, and the wall mounted unit is long gone.

We can rearrange the room's furniture if we wanted to. The TV is at the right height to soothe everyone's needs.

Ever noticed how there's always one person in the family who thinks the TV is too high and the other person thinks it's just right?

Yes, that conversation has happened in our home.

An option for you is to custom build your stand to the height that everyone can agree on. Also, I'm always looking for easy, affordable projects using 2x4's! Chad shares in his video that his project was only about 25.00 .

Talk about affordable!

DIY TV Stand:


Choice of Stain
(he used Dark Walnut)

Miter Saw

Table Saw

Pocket Hole Jig


Various size clamps

2 1/2 inc screws

2x4 material

Final Thoughts:

You could add some corner hardware/decorative bolts to each corner of the piece to enhance the final finish.

In our house, the area behind our TV stand gets dusty fast.  Why not add castors to the leg bottoms to ensure easy cleaning and possible future furniture rearranging?

We hope you enjoyed this great home furniture project from Chad DIY . Be sure to check out their YouTube channel for even more great woodworking projects from Chad. Don't forget to subscribe!

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