Friday, December 9, 2016

DIY Sofa Armrest Tray Table

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!!...or maybe Baseball, Futbal (as they say in Europe), Soccer (as they say in the United States).

Heck, are you ready for some golf, tennis, Nascar or maybe even some dog show?  Well anything you can watch on TV needs an accompanying sofa arm table...or tray (as they say in the Midwest and three counties in Utah).  Hehe, that last part was a joke.
Today's project is all about the lounging...

and the eating.  Can't forget about the eating.

The joinery is simple dowel joints except for a few pocket holes that no one will ever see.  Unless you happen to be laying on the floor looking up for some reason, (I won't judge) hehe.
That makes this couch tray doable in an afternoon.

DIY Sofa Arm Table Tray


3 - 1x4

1 - 2x4

NOTE: All board lengths are 8' long unless otherwise noted.

Choice of Stain

Wood Glue 

Pocket Hole Screws

Pocket Hole Jig

Cut List

6 Table Top Pieces @ 3.5" x 18"

6 Bottom Base Pieces @  3.5" x 18"

2 Legs @ 3.5" x 36"

2 Middle Cross Pieces @ 3.5" x 13.5"

1 Middle Cross Piece @ 3.5" x 10.5"

Cutting Diagrams



Step 1

Cut the legs from the 2x4 and the shorter of the two middle cross pieces from a 1x4.

Measure up 17.25" from one end of each of the legs and attach this piece as shown with pocket hole screws from the underside.

This is the only place pocket holes will be used in this project.  The remaining joinery can be done with 1/4" or 3/8" dowels.

I like dowels for joinery because I of the visual appeal it adds to projects.

Step 2

The two longer middle cross pieces can be glued and clamped in place.  Allow it to dry at least half an hour, (usually the set time for most wood glues), and then you can drill the dowel holes.

Two on each side and three along the bottom where the side cross pieces meet the bottom cross piece should do nicely.

Step 3

The top and bottom pieces are edge glued 1x4s as determined by the cut list above.  Edge glue six 1x4s together and then trim the piece to the final size of 18" x 18".

The two pieces can be lightly clamped in place at the same time.  Gently position as needed to be able to reach over the arm of your couch and drill for 1/2" dowels from the top and bottom respectively.

NOTE: Alternately you could use plywood for the top and bottom.  Some edge banding that is readily available from just about any home improvement store or online can be purchased for just a few dollars..  Most are iron on and give a pretty good finished look to a lot of projects.

Final Thoughts

Once the project is dry it can come out of the clamps and be sanded down.  A few coats of your choice of stain along with a few more coats of a project sealer such as some polyurethane will complete this awesome gift giving idea.

I hope you enjoyed our 9th Day of 12 DIY Christmas Gift ideas.

Don't forget to stop by again tomorrow for another great project to help you with your gift giving dilemma's.

Until then!

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