Thursday, October 20, 2016

DIY Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

A few months ago as I was looking around for an elusive bottle opener that is suppose to be kept in one of our utensil drawers, I had had enough.  I couldn't find it.  We have two.  I couldn't find either one.

What is it they say about a camels back?

Well as luck would have it I couldn't find them locally so I held off on the project.  On weekends I would visit garage and estate sales to see if I could find one there.


Then a few weeks ago I was contacted by someone that sells these Coolinary brand bottle openers.  They had seen my DIY Beer and Wine Rack video and liked it so they offered to send me a few if I had plans for a follow up video to that project.

Well, not a follow up video, but a whole new project and I just happened to have need of the very thing they were offering.

My answer:

Thank you very much!

DIY Wall Mounted Bottle Opener


1 - Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

10" of 3/4" Thick Oak (or your choice of) 

16" of 1/4" Thick Oak (or Your choice of)

NOTE: I re-sawed lumber in the video to get my 1/4" Thick pieces.  However, most lumber yards and home improvement stores sell 1/4" project boards if you want to save time and effort, if not money.

Choice of Stain


Wood Glue

Cut List

1 - Back Piece @ 3.5" x 10"

2 - Cap Catcher Side Pieces @ 1/4" x 2" x 2"

2 - Cap Catcher Front & Back Pieces @ 1/4" x 2" x 3.5"

1 - Cap Catcher Bottom Piece @ 1/4" x 2" x 3.25"

Project Video

Final Thoughts

I have had many offers of companies offering to send me items to use in videos.  However, up to this point, I have refused them.

The reasons are varied but usually it is centered around the requirements the company wants me to fulfill.  If the product fits with what I'm doing and I feel it is worth me saying, "Hey, this product is ok.", then great.

If not, then I say thanks but no thanks.

In this case the only requirement was to build something and have fun.

Those are my kind of requirements that I am always willing to fulfill.

I hope that you will check them out and if you're ever in need of some bottle openers, you'll know where to go.