Sunday, May 10, 2015

Roll Around Air Compressor Nail Gun Storage Cart

My nail guns have been going from the top of the freezer, to the floor, to the top of the worm bin for some time now.  In fact, they seem to rotate time in all three places.

My wife will come out and want to get into the freezer and place them on the floor.  I will come along and not want them on the floor, so I'll place them on top of the worm bin.  My wife will come back out and want to put something in the worm bin.

Back to the floor they go.

It is an endless cycle.  Lets break the cycle buy building this handy dandy Air Compressor Storage Cart with Storage space for four nail guns.  Plus the top has enough space to hold all my air compressor accessories.


DIY: Roll Around Air Compressor Nail Gun Storage Cart

Cut List:

Lower Base Unit

2 Side Pieces @ 20" x 21"
1 Bottom Piece @ 20.75" x 20"
1 Back Piece @ 21" x 20"

Upper Storage Unit

1 Back Panel @ 17" x 20"
1 Front Panel @ 16.25" x 20"
3 Shelf Pieces @ 15.5" x 20"
2 Side Pieces @ 4" x 15.5"
1 Dowel Rod @ 20"

2 Handle Support Pieces @ 7.5" x 3.5"

Additional Materials


2 - 10" Tires
You can follow this link for a set of ten inch tires that are similar to the ones I use in the video.

2 - 8" Threaded Rods
2 - Washers
2 - Lock Washers
2 - Nuts

Personally I decided to place a couple tires on the unit that would allow me to take the cart off road.  The cart can travel to the end of the driveway as well as any place in the back yard I may need it.

Obviously the six foot power cord that my air compressor comes with would be useless on the boundaries of my property.  So an extension cord was in order.  I choose a fifty foot cord because it will get me to a power outlet no matter where I am on my property.

I connected that to a power strip so that I could have power on site for other tools should I ever need it.


I used dowels to help stengthen the construction.  I think this is especially important for the bottom base unit and when connecting the base unit to the top storage unit.

The bulk of the pressure when moving the unit around, especially over rough terrain, will be transferred between the top portion and the bottom because they are built separately.  I would not trust that to just glue and brad nails.

The dowels I placed to hold the two units together went in at a slight angle but that is ok.  They are just as strong.

How and why do I believe this?  Pocket hole dowels.

Dowels have been used in a pocket hole capacity long before screws were ever invented.  I have seen first hand the strength and beauty this type of joinery lends to a piece.  To bad that beauty is wasted on a shop project.  However, the strength is not.  This is a good thing because we may need every bit of that strength here.

I stopped showing me doing them in the video because I felt it was becoming a little redundant during the editing process.

Final Thoughts

I used reclaimed and recycled lumber for this entire project.

Yes that was a lot of gluing and clamping.  It took me about three days to get all the panels ready to assemble for the video.

I would glue boards together three wide.  Then once I got those glued up I would then take two of those and make the final dimensions needed for each panel in the project. 

I did not show this process because the video came out long as it was.  Perhaps a separate video for the glue up process along with how I trim to final size is in order.

I hope you enjoy the video even if you have no interest in building the project.

As always, should you have any questions, I am here to help.  You can email me, find me on Facebook or just leave a comment on the video posted above.

Happy DIY'ing


  1. How thick is the wood you used? I just got the same compressor and was looking for some storage ideas for it and this one I like it so much I will try to build it to.

    1. 3/4". All projects on my site are with 3/4" material unless otherwise noted. Have fun!

  2. I think,by using "Air Compressor Nail Gun Storage Cart",your device will get a long life.

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  4. Thank you so much for your article. I woke up this morning trying to figure out how to build such a storage tote for my pancake compressor, to move around the house for new wood flooring and to use out in the garage. Your video is fantastic!

  5. Hello does this compressor cart also fit a potent cable compressor with your dementions
    Thank you

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