Friday, January 9, 2015

DIY Extension Cord Holder

If you thought storing your extension cords neatly until you needed them was just a pipe dream, wake up!  The sun has risen my friend.

I have a 100ft extension cord I bought years ago when my wife and I bought our first house with a yard.  I bought a corded electric mower and needed a longer and heavier duty extension cord than I had at the time to reach the whole yard.

I began to realize just how quickly things could get bent out of shape if care was not taken when storing a cord that long.  I would take my time wrapping it up and then hang it on a nail in the garage.  One wrong bump and half or all of my neatly wrapped cord would end up on the floor in a tangled mess.

Well I say, "down with tangled extension cords."

DIY: Extension Cord Holder

TIPS: The following measurements may be substituted.
1.5" = 1x2's
2.5" = 1x3's
3.5" = 1x4's
5.5" = 1x6's

Use caution working with solid lumber wider than 1x6's.  Especially soft woods such as pine.  I find they show a greater propensity to warp, twist and cup.  Gluing boards side by side, otherwise known as a glue up, will offer greater stability across the project.

Cut List

1 - Backer Board @ 24" x 6"
2 - Scrape 2x4 pieces @  3.5" x 1.5"
2 - Front pieces @ 6" x 1.5"

Step 1

Cut a backer board piece from scrape wood.  Round over the corners if you feel it is important or leave the corners square.  Then drill a hole in an approximate center about 2" down from one of the ends for a wall mount.

Step 2

Cut two pieces of scrap 2x4.  Glue and screw it to a scrap piece of lumber for the front.

Step 3

Measure 4" down from both ends and attach the L shaped pieces to the backer board with glue and screws.

Final Thoughts

There you have it.  An extension cord holder that will keep all your extension cords neat and tidy until the next time you need them.

I would round over the edges of the front L shaped pieces just to save my knuckles from harm when wrapping the cord for storage.  This could be made from scrap wood in about 30 mins for most DIYers, even beginners.

The size of the L shape will dictate how long of an extension cord can be stored on one of these holders.  Make the L bracket shorter for shorter cords and longer for longer cords.

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Until then,

Happy DIYing!!

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