Friday, May 2, 2014

Graham Cracker Sleeping Bag Snacks - A project for kids, by kids

I hate to be a buzz kill right off the bat but, here is our disclaimer for this project.

We do not feel excessive sugar intake is a good thing. 

Duh, right!

We feel processed foods should be avoided as often as possible.  So when our children do get sugary treats, we like to make it have at least some meaningful impact on their lives. 

Lets inspire their creativity.  Have some family time and teach the responsible use of utensils as well as what it means to clean up after ourselves.  Ohh, and that it is bad manners to lick the frosting off the butter knife.

Our oldest daughter needed to do a "How to" presentation in front of her 4H sewing club this year. 

After much deliberation on the subject she decided she wanted to do it on these,

Graham Cracker Sleeping Bag Snacks



Step 1

Get your supplies.

Graham Crackers.  These are Annie's brand organic graham crackers.

White or Vanilla Frosting.  This is Target's Market Pantry brand of frosting.  Looking at the ingredient list we found it was made with lard instead of vegetable shortening or oil.  We consider that a plus.

Food coloring.

Writing Icing.


 Step 2

Mix the frosting with your choice food color.

Step 3

Spread the colored frosting on the graham cracker to make a blanket.

Step 4

Spread uncolored white frosting on the top of the graham cracker to make a pillow.

Step 5

Draw a face on the sleeping bag, (preferably on the pillow).  Some creative interpretation was being done here.  Its all good!  It is their snack.

Step 6

Sprinkle away if desired.

Step 7

Eat them up!!!

My sincerest hope is that we would all find small moments like this to share with our children.  I believe children are more likely to remember the things you do with them as opposed to the things you get for them.  Years from now as I look back, I want there to be as many memories as possible to smile about.

Happy Homesteading.

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